Robert Williams
NX Android
Trusted to lead the creative direction for future design concepts to improve the user experience on poorly perceived Nokia X Android platform.
After the rapid launch of Nokia X platform on Android, we were asked to explore a new design direction to improve the user experience. By creating a structured approach to the initial brief we were able to lead stakeholders to new ideas and ways to innovate on the current platform. The resulting principles formed a foundation to build a new unified direction with all responsible teams across global sites. The concept sketches provided fidelity to provoke discussion about UX improvements to create a more desirable product and increase sales.
To understand the current issues and opportunities we reviewed the current platform’s key experience moments and gathered direct user feedback from around the company. This was combined with current trends and innovations from across the industry and wider design disiplines to provide the design team with an understanding of the experience benchmark.

During the initial investigation we developed a series of principles which highlighted potential opportunities to improve the experience, these where then distilled into key principles to lead the design exploration for future concept sketches.

To illustrate potential opportunies to stakeholders we developed a range of concept sketches for the main experience moments, exploring principles like 'make it mine', 'delight me', 'bring it alive' etc. This provided enough fidelity to provoke discussion and look at where to focus design effort.

We had an opportunity to show how some of the ideas could also be used to improve interaction experiences on Windows Phone platform. During a company wide hackathon week we were able to work with other teams to prototype some of the ideas and present to the company.

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